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Heading out today for phase 2

The first part of my journey began Christmas Eve of 2022. I moved out of a five bedroom house and into my van, selling some stuff, giving some stuff away, and putting the rest into storage. A new nothing at all about the GoPro camera that I bought, and most of nothing about the van itself and absolutely nothing about video editing or this new social media thing.

I first hit Austin for a visit on Christmas with my cousin and his wife, then onto New Orleans, then hit Nashville, then Savannah, and then down to West Palm Beach for a visit with my other cousin. After that it was Miami and a week in Key West, which was just incredible then after that wonderful week, I left to hit Naples and then Saint Pete and then on to Milton to visit a third cousin, three days there and then back to Austin and then back to Dallas.

Now, after about a week and a half here, I am on the road to visit a friend in Norman Oklahoma. After that, it'll be Santa Fe, New Mexico to visit another friend and then on to Tucson, Arizona for the AGTA show, one of the largest jewelry shows in the world.

I plan on doing a little bit of photography and video shooting and hopefully hunting my skills on editing, which I haven't really even begun.

This is my first ever post and I appreciate you following me!

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